Most winches are front Bull Bar mounted, however from practical experience we are turning this around and doing it Back2Front.

The RidgeLine Back2Front winch is mounted on the rear chassis cross member where it is carried. Here the winch can be used to winch backwards, or the unit simply moved to the front for a forward winch. Flexibility is the key.

Advantage One: Reverse Winching
Ten years of competition winching and 1/4 million kilometres of overland travel tells us that sometimes it is unwise to go forward further into trouble. There are times when it is wise to retreat by winching backwards.
The rear mounting of the winch allows the extraction of the vehicle from a predicament in the direction that it came from. This is often the easist route.
Advantage Two: Forward Winching
Simply remove the winch and the handy carry pod from the rear, carry it to the front and insert it into the front receiver. Slide in the locking pin, connect the electrics and start winching.
Advantage Three: Weight Distribution.
A winch normally is around 50+Kg and at the extreme front end of the vehicle, places the front suspension under considerable and unnecessary increased load. At the rear, the carrying capacity and axle load is designed for a higher pay load.
Advantage Four: Winch Protection & Preservation 
Water is the enemy of electric winches. Driving with a forward mounted winch fast into water forces water into any exposed electrical components and seals. For water crossings a rear mounted winch is subjected to the minimal amount of water volume and force. It is also possible to completely remove the winch placing it into the tray, cab or camper, from here it is easily retrieved for a recovery if necessary.
Modern winches use plasma rope which are UV sensitive. A rear mounted winch is in the shadow of the tray or camper which will preserve the rope.
Between travels simply remove the winch complely from the vehicle. This saves environmental exposure, saves weight when driving around town and reduces potential theft and malicious damage.
The kit includes the following:
Winch RearA Tigerz11 DOMIN8R 12000Lb Winch & Carry Pod
The Domin8r has a 500A solenoid, high torque durable motor and 3 stage planetary gearbox. 
The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox and 12 months on the control box.
 The winch uses light weight Dyneema Rope.
Wish to use your own winch or another brand problem just ask.
see below for kit only / no winch price below
Winch Rear Receiver
Rear Chassis Carry Bracket and Winch Receiver
Solidly constructed around the rear chassis cross member and Pintle hook mount.
Supplied with non rattle locking bolt
Winch Front ReceiverFront Mounted Receiver 
The front receiver is cross braced between both chassis rails and interlinked with the bull bar mounting system.
For that reason the system is only available with the purchase of a Ridgeline Safari or Deluxe Alloy Bull Bar.
The product is manufactured as as not impede on the forward approach angle.
Full Kit price including winch $1675.00 incl gst + freight
Kit price excluding winch $ 680.00 incl gst + freight