HID Upgrade Kit

The 4x4 Iveco vehicle has 4 unused light lenses on the vehicle cab, these were the low beam and fog lights in the 4x2 version.

With some cleaver DC work we adapted these to HID driving lights.
With an independant switch and connected to the high beam toggle it now makes for impressive and safe night driving. The lights are a strong flood light showing both side verges of the road. 
HID Kit including instructions $585.00 incl gst + freight
Supply and Fit $825.00 incl gst
LED Spot Light Bar
The above is a significant upgrade, however if you want the best in distance lighting then these 'mine quality' LED spot lights are at the pinnacle.
Luminescence light bars are light years ahead of the competition and feature latest cutting edge CREE SMB LED technology.
 All light bars contain multi-voltage circuitry, ensuring uniform light output between 10 to 30 volts making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles and machinery.

These products are tough and feature a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens, excellent vibration resistance, precision fin design for optimal heat dissipation and an IP67 ingress rating, making the range ideal for use in harsh outdoor applications.

The light bars are supplied with the necessary brackets and wiring harness for an easy two wire instilation.

  • 10-30V DC operating voltage
  • IP67 ingress rating
  • 6000K colour temperature
  • High-intensity CREE LEDs
  • Zinc alloy mounting bracket
  • Die-cast aluminium housing
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Flood beam 1200
  • Over 30,000 hours life



LIGHT BAR ( 6X5W)  SINGLE ROW 8-10deg  SPOT $200

• 2.40A @ 12V, 1.12A @ 24V

• 6 High-intensity CREE LEDs

• Lumen Output: 2003Lm









LED 12LIGHT BAR (12X5W) SINGLE ROW 8-10deg  SPOT $350

• 4.80A @ 12V, 2.24A @ 24V

• 12 High-intensity CREE LEDs

• Lumen Output: 3486Lm






LED 18LIGHT BAR (18X5W) SINGLE ROW 8-10deg  SPOT $525

• 7.20A @ 12V, 3.36A @ 24V

• 18 High-intensity CREE LEDs

• Lumen Output: 5088Lm





LED 24

LIGHT BAR (24X5W) SINGLE ROW 8-10deg  SPOT $745

• 9.60A @ 12V, 4.48A @ 24V

• 24 High-intensity CREE LEDs

• Lumen Output: 6922Lm

With the Iveco being designed in Europe is is important not to block the motor air intake radiator flow by blocking it with large round/square spot or driving lights. All of the above products correctly mounted provide superior lighting without hindering the flow of cooling air through the motor.